Bronze Cafe: Jackpot on Fremont

Being a locally owned business, we here at Blake Home Group, know how important it is to support other businesses that are built from the ground up. We are very lucky to get to know many of the small business/cafe owners in this very big town.

One of our favorite places to get a bite to eat is on historic Fremont Street, in Downtown Las Vegas. The Bronze Cafe started as a dream for partners, David Mozes and Peter Bastien. They wanted to bring healthy delicious food to the community, so they started in the LGBT Center (on Charleston and Maryland Parkway). They went on to win Best Vegetarian/Vegan of Las Vegas back when they first opened.

I used to regularly attend meetings at the center and one day David approached me with a sample of their hummus. All it took was that sample for me to get hooked! Since then I’ve had every single one of their ‘Sammiches’ and salads. It’s always my first recommendation when someone asks for something healthy or vegetarian/vegan.

The Complicated Order Sandwich
The Complicated Order is huge! Be prepared to take half home!

Above is The Complicated Order, and its the biggest ‘sammich’ there. It has everything from bacon jam, maple-glazed bacon, mixed greens, tomato, q-cumber, basil aioli, lemon vinaigrette, avocado, turkey, on a ciabatta bun. It’s quite a mouthful of ingredients but its as good as it sounds! It makes two meals for me!

The Tree of Life Pita lays next to the mixed Greens waiting for you to dig in
The Tree of Life Pita lays next to the mixed Greens waiting for you to dig in

The most popular pita ‘sammich’ at the cafe is The Tree of Life Pita, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular, there are so many incredible blends of flavor with the roasted red peppers, avocado, home-made pickled onions, home-made vegan cashew “crema”, Brazil nut crumble, and mango cilantro ginger vinaigrette all make this stand out. It took me a second to realize that there was no meat in it, it had so much flavor that I didn’t miss the meat at all!

The Guac and Mole is as tasty as it is healthy

The last Sammich I’ll post about here is the Guac and Mole, this one keeps it simple with avocado, vegan mole, alfalfa sprouts, shredded carrots, cucumber, vegan ranch dressing, lemon vinaigrette on ciabatta. It is definitely not the Mole I grew up with, but that doesn’t make it any less tasty! This is one of my favorites because it’s so simple and so tasty, its crunchy, its crisp and the Mole is spectacular!

If you find yourself downtown you need to make this a stop! These sammiches are not to be missed! They also just introduced Happy Hour! You get a free craft beer with purchase of any sammich or salad (dine in only) from 10pm-4am Thursday-Saturday.