Don’t Be Thirsty, Get Your Water On!


It seems like everywhere you go, people can’t get enough water! Its the hot new drink! All the hip and cool kids are drinking it. Malls have gone so far as installing waterbottle refill stations. Yes, it’s no secret that water is good for you since it makes up 60% of the average adult body (and 71% of the earth).

I know what you’re thinking, It’s so bland. Please don’t make me drink this melted ice. Don’t worry, we know that there’s nothing worse than having to drink the most Basic Becky of drinks. So we’re here to spice it up (not literally, we’re not making tea).

Infused Water

I’ve seen this first hand. There was an agent in our old office, and he would fill a huge glass jug with fresh fruits and water. This guy would never share with anybody. He was awful, but he would drink all the liquids he needed. You see, he changed how he looked at water, and his whole life changed. All he did was cut up some cucumbers and lemons and voila! His very own Hydration Station.

So I went online, searched far and wide, and found some interesting combos that make drinking (non-alcoholic beverages, of course) fun again!

Strawberry Cucumber

Cucumber is a staple in the healthy aqua community, but Strawberries?! Talk about a game changer. This combo is sure to have all your coworkers talking by the Water Cooler.

“McKenna can switch up the fruits in her water, but can she even keep a man?”

Pineapple Mint Ginger

This sounds like a tasty treat instead of a healthy option. Fun fact, Pineapple juice is what makes Wendy’s Sweet and Sour sauce so tasty! A shortcut to flavortown is to pour the Sweet and Sour sauce directly into the water.

It’s a cleanse… I swear

Orange Raspberry

Not only is this colorful and delicious, but Raspberries have special powers, when their leaves are made into tea, they are said to help with menstrual cramps!

This is the safest pic I found

Lemon Lime

This one is a classic. Lemons are known for their antibacterial properties so feel free to sin all you want, the lemons will clean everything up.

“Now that’s what I call refreshing repentance”

Yes Water is back, so are Denim overalls, and Paula Abdul is touring again, all is right in the world.