Eat Like A Local Downtown

When the local’s talk about ‘Downtown’, we aren’t talking about the strip. We mean “the Old Strip”, Fremont Street and surrounding areas. As many amazing eateries as there are in the casino’s we’re here to sing the praises of the local spots (many walkable from the downtown casinos). And Since we’re in an Uber, now is your chance to visit them. Here are our top picks for best places to eat downtown.



This place is so uniquely Vegas, it’s truly one of the top places to eat in town. Their menu screams ‘Brunch’ with some very interesting options to keep it exciting. They offer the usual caffeinated drinks, along with teas and specialty sodas, (You won’t find Coke or Pepsi here). 

They always have specialty items and baked goods on display. (If you see a blueberry cream cheese scone on display, GET IT!) They sell out every day and they’re so decadent and soft, they’re also big enough to share. Actually almost everything is big enough to share here. 

With such a spectacular menu, it should be hard to pick my favorite items here, but I always find myself ordering their Chimichurri Steak Sandwich or the Piri Piri Chicken sandwich. 7AM-3PM

The Parlour Coffee and Cooking


If you’re looking for coffee or a nice tea, this place is full of amazing choices, and the breakfast menu is probably one of the best downtown. 

Top Picks: 

The Lox Bagel sandwich, flavorful and filling! A savory sandwich for the salmon lover.

Roscoes in France is their bougie take on Chicken and Waffles and its ABSOLUTELY Bonkers! Mac and Cheese in a crepe and served with Fried Chicken. 

The Monkey Bread is warmed up and served with a delicious sauce. 6:30AM-3PM

Vegas Test Kitchen

If you’re looking to try “The Hottest New…” Then look no further, many of the popular Vegas restaurants have started here. This ‘Secret Kitchen’ started in the pandemic to give local artisans and big name chefs, a place to create and try out new items, Every week there are different options available, so it’s always worth checking out.

This is a favorite for so many reasons, one of them being how you order and pay the bill. You order on your phone as each table has a QR code where you order and pay for your items as soon as you’re ready and there’s no messing around with splitting bills. Quick and easy! Mon-Fri 3PM-8:30PM

Downtown is so big, and has so many options, here are a few other honorable mentions, ask your driver if they have any suggestions as well.

  • Evel Pie – Pizza with a extreme twist, Evel Knievel would approve!
  • Le Thai – Best Thai Spot downtown, get on the list early, its usually very busy.
  • Kitchen at Atomic – Oldest freestanding bar in town, lunch and dinner are SPECTACULAR.
  • Eat. – This breakfast spot has a smaller menu but is big on flavors.
  • Mothership Coffee Roasters – Known for brewing their own beans, BEST COFFEE in Vegas.
  • VegeNation – Vegan eatery, plant based, absolutely delicious!