Eat Like a Local

Casa De Sabor – Bonanza/LV Blvd

Al Pastor Ranchero Tacos

Located on the corner of Bonzanza and Las Vegas Boulevard is Payless Tire Shop. A tire shop with a non-assuming taco truck on property.  During the day they conduct business as usual, offering alignments, batteries, and of course, tires. But at night, as the city comes alive, you’ll find a growing  line of cars wrapped around the tire shop, sometimes ending up on Bonanza Boulevard. There’s always a wait on weekends, but these tacos are absolutely worth it.. This is our vote for best tacos in Las Vegas. When you go, order the tacos “Ranchero Style” these tacos  are massive and come with beans and sour cream, all of the meats are absolutely delicious. They have three locations around town, so do a quick google search and find the closest one near you. Casa Del Sabor

Red Dwarf – Pizza Bar

Pineapple DOES Belong on Pizza

Las Vegas has quite a few Tiki Bars, bringing the polynesian dream to Sin city. Red Dwarf puts a punk rock twist on the traditional tiki bar. The massive menu of drink specials makes going out for a drink with friends feel like you’re rolling the dice (literally) on how the night will end. They offer a limited food menu including wings, pizza, and Dole Whip (they even have a boozy version) Their Pizzas come in four slices and they’re big enough to split between two people. The “Pineapple Belongs On Pizza” is the best pie, if you’re a pineapple kind of person. All of the other pies are just as delicious, and worth checking out on your trip. If you and your group are really hungry, they offer a “Pizza Party”, where you get one of each, to try them all. Red Dwarf

Tacos el Gordo – Another very popular taqueria, both with locals and visitors. This chain is down from Mexico, but it’s most popular locations are here in Vegas. You’ll find a line at all 3 locations but definitely lives up to the hype. Tacos el Gordo

Mama Bird – Located all the way down south in Southern Highlands, this Southern Fried Chicken place has grown by word of mouth, and has expanded with a large bar area. Delicious and worth checking out! Mama Bird

Bagelmania – There are plenty of bagel shops around Las Vegas, but this is THE place to eat at. All of their sandwiches and breakfast options are spectacular. AND they have a Pink Box Donut’s location inside as well. No Notes! Bagelmania

Nora’s Italian Cuisine – What started as a 12 seater restaurant, in a shopping plaza, has grown monumentally into one of Las Vegas’ favorite Italian restaurants. There’s a reason for all the love from the locals, Nora’s always knocks it out of the park, just try to get a reservation or call ahead. Noras