Give More Than Thanks!

Las Vegas is a beautiful place to live year round, no doubt about it. The leaves are slowly, changing colors, and the sun is setting earlier and rising later. There’s no snow, but plenty of wind. This can only mean one thing! Its Fall Y’all! Yes, the season of Thanks and Gratitude is among us, and there are more ways to give back than ever before! We here at Keller Williams are huge believers in giving back and paying it forward, its a part of our culture. Here are some awesome ways to help out!

Blood Banks

These are often looked past, but there is often a need for blood. The only time you really hear about blood banks, are when disaster strikes and there is a dire need. I’m not sure if you know, but we need blood year round! It’s a really big part of being alive! So go out and give blood, if you can.

Food Pantries

Imagine celebrating the holidays without the one thing most of us get excited about! So sad and it doesn’t have to happen! We have so many food pantries in town you can choose to donate your time or money to. They are constantly in need of volunteer and donations. Some even allow you to deliver food to those in need. Who doesn’t like a guest who brings treats?! There are so many choices in town, for a complete list click here.

Nursing Homes

Many of us know someone who has made the move into a nursing home. It can be a great way to make new friends, but our loved ones can feel quite lonely in there missing their children and grandchildren. Some don’t even have any family left. I know it’s a terribly sad thought, with an amazing opportunity for human connection! Nothing is more powerful than spending some time with others to let them know they’re not alone and the chance to make a new friend.

Animal Shelters

There’s a reason dogs are called Man’s best friend. Our pets can be the most loyal creatures we know. They have nothing but love for us, even if they have unconventional ways of showing it. Unfortunately not every pet has been given a life full of love and happy memories, and they end up in shelters for so many reasons, its almost impossible to keep count! (Medical needs, allergies, family situations) Thankfully shelters are full of people who are more than happy to donate their own time and money to keep these furry friends alive and well. You too can donate your time, from taking the dogs on a walk, to feeding and brushing the cats, the opportunities are endless. You might even take one home! For an updated list of Animal Rescue Shelters click here.

Donation Parties

Donating goods doesn’t have to take a whole day, why not just add it to an event you’re already hosting. Why not set up a bin at your family’s thanksgiving and have family and friends drop off gently used clothing and goods? It’s more likely than not, you have things you don’t plan on taking with you into the new year for a variety of reasons! (Clothes don’t fit, never returned the wrong product, the sweater that reminds you of your ex-boyfriend Kevin, that you can’t bear the thought of throwing away but know it’s time to move on) The opportunities are endless! If you loved those clothes, chances are someone else will as well!


There are so many chances to give back and truly make the holiday’s a time worth giving.