Happy Padam Month!

If you’re been listening to the word on the Gay street, it’s Pride month. The word on every LGBT’s lips is ‘Padam’. You may be thinking what ‘Padam’ might mean. Padam is more than a catchy onomatopoeia, it’s resilient and strong, it’s the sound of our collective heartbeat, it’s who we are as a people. We should be called the LGBTP community, because Padam brings us all together. Click below to hear the people sing.

Also this pride month don’t forget to stand up and use your voice to help our LGBTQ+ Family. As anti-LGBTQ laws are increasingly being passed throughout the country, we can’t help but feel a little more on edge this month. Click below to take a peek at some of the laws that are being passed on your family and friends. Don’t be afraid to have those conversations, we all appreciate it. It’s very Padam of you to stand up for your fellow LGBTQ family.