May the 4th Be With You

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a film came out that would forever change science fiction and its place in pop culture. Since then, the fandom has grown into a beast of its own, with them taking over the weekend of May 4th, (a reference to the FORCE). Now there are themed bars, parties, and even their own section at Disney parks. Below are a few events around Las Vegas, that may interest you, Jedi.

The Henderson Orchestra presents, the music of the Empire Strikes Back. It’s no surprise that the music is so popular, since the films have some of the most memorable scores in movie history. Get your tickets down below!

Take a ride to the Millennium Fandom Bar!

This bar is known for their all out theme nights, where folks dress up and live the fantasy. This is the most popular Cosplay bar in Las Vegas. May 4th is one of their biggest nights of the year. Check out what all the buzz is about and get your tickets below. (Tickets are free)

Fremont Street doesn’t miss out on any of the action, Backstage Bars and Billiards (known as Triple B’s) is hosting their own Beer and Zombiefest, to coincide with Star Wars day