Reasons To Adopt From A Shelter

We’ve all seen the ads, with the animals in slow motion crying behind a chainlink fence, Sarah McLaughlin tugging on your heart strings. It’s all very sad and familiar. Shelters are definitely not a place for animals, especially those who have already learned to love and be loved.

Heart Strings: Pulled

Yes, shelters can be a depressing place to visit. The barking, whining, and crying can definitely be a turn off for those looking to find an addition to the family. Thankfully shelters are full of people who are willing to give these animals the love and attention they need to help with the transition. Volunteers come in and help feed, walk, and bathe the animals. Making them as beautiful as they can be, so when people see them, they’re ready to take them home!

I can’t even begin to tell you the ways that adopting an an animal has changed my life, so I’ll list them instead!


They’re so much fun!

Our little one, Toto, is a ball of energy. She loves to play fetch with anything you can throw! Its always a hoot watching her chase after things or play with your toes while you watch TV. Donna on the other hand is ok with napping all day.

Always has a smile on her face!

They’re free security guards!

We all know crime is out there on the streets and unfortunately it can come into the one place we feel safest, our own homes! Thankfully, Toto and Donna are always there to let me know if someone is approaching or parking across the street! At night they love to paw-trol the grounds!

You’re not getting into this club, with that collar!

They make you feel like a chef!

Nobody loves your cooking as much as your fur babies! The shelter food might be enough to get them by, but once they taste a piece of pasta that you dropped, they’ll be hooked on your cooking! Don’t be surprised if you see them eyeing you every time you step foot in the kitchen, they might even beg a bit!

Bone Appetite!

They’re the best cuddlers!

You thought you loved it when your ex-boyfriend Kevin cuddled you? Cuddling with pets will make you forget all about the emotional absence that your relationship was centered upon covering up. Four legged cuddles will have you saying, “Kevin Who?”

What commitment issues?

They will love you forever.

I’ll make this one brief, as I don’t want to be tearing up at the office. It’s so hard to find the love and loyalty that a pet can bring into your life. They can make all the difference and for some they can make life worth living. So take a chance on one of these little puppers. The shelter can be tough on them, all they need is a little love and a lot of patience. Its so worth it in the end.

Our babies Donna and Toto

So go out this Saturday, August 18th for Clear the Shelters Day! The following shelters are providing adoption services for 50% off this Saturday! If you live in Henderson, they’re giving you an extra 25% off for a whopping 75% off adoption fees!



4800 W Dewey Drive
Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-873-7722

Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



655 North Mojave Road
Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 702-955-5962

Hours: 8:00:00 AM to 5:00:00 AM



300 E. Galleria
Henderson, NV

Phone: 702-267-2061

Hours: 7:00:00 AM to 5:00:00 PM