Safety First: Pool Safety Tips

Ask any child what the best time of the year is, and you’ll have multiple answers. Christmas, Halloween, and birthday’s are sure to top any child’s list, but who can forget getting out of school for the summer! Yes, summer! No school, ice cream trucks, and swimming in the closest pool you could find!

Summer is the best time in any child’s life who has to suffer at the hands of teachers for most of the year. (I should know, I used to work at a public school). It shouldn’t be a time to worry, but unfortunately with this heat, we have various things we need to be aware of. Being in the sun means sunscreen is a must! Drinking water is also important, making hydration a habit is very important at a young age. The biggest thing we need to keep an eye out on are children near water.

Swimming is one of the best things to do to cool down in the harsh summer heat. Its so easy to see why kids love hopping in the pool. If you have a child and a pool there are a few things one can or should do to make sure everybody has a safe time.

  1. Take Swimming Lessons. I know, so easy right? If a child is taught how to swim at a young age, they are able to help themselves if they find themselves in the deep end. They are able to help others who might not be as good a swimmer. Come thru little lifeguard!

    Baby is swimming like a champ!
    Look at that baby go! He’s swimming like a champ!
  2. Put up a gate. It might look silly, but they actually work! A gate will also help with your home insurance price! Talk about a Win-Win!

    Glass gate around a pool
    Gates can also be classy
  3. Make sure there are proper drain covers! I know it sounds odd, but not having the proper covers can be dangerous. This can cause too much suction, and can even an adult!

    These bad boys can suck up a child, an animal, even an adult!
  4. Last but certainly not least, Learn CPR. Its definitely not a good situation when you have to use it, but you’ll be glad you did! I personally have done it once on a former student. It was a scary situation, but thanks to proper training, it got handled very quickly.

    The best 14 bucks you’ll ever spend!