What’s What With Nevada’s New Laws

It’s that time of year again (or every two years, that is), where Legislature meets to pass new laws.

There are so many out there, so we decided to pull out a few of our favorites from LegiScan

We aren’t a fan of all the fancy working so we’re breaking it down for all y’all! (Or just you if you’re reading this on your phone, we’re not judging)


  • Minimum age to work for a gaming-equipment company, from 21 to 18. (It’s not like they’re playing them!)
Child with tools
I’m Kevin and i’m here for your jobs and benefits!
  • You can register to vote on the same day as voting! (Come thru democracy!)
  • With the Homestead Exception,┬áthe amount of equity in your primary residence that cannot be taken away in a civil action, has been increased to $605,000. (Don’t get sued, but okay yaasss.)
  • Homeowner associations can no longer prohibit an owner from keeping at least one pet. (Who let the -singular- dog out?)
Dog laying in mess of toilet paper
Reminder: Dogs shouldn’t live in the bathroom when you’re not home!
  • Nevada’s minimum wage will go from $8.25 up to $12 within the next 5 years. (Make that coin! And then use it to buy a house!)
  • Home Owner Association Resale fee’s are capped at $160 and a rush order is capped at $100 (rush orders can be anywhere from $150 plus!)
  • Home Owner Associations will only have 10 Calendar days to send out the HOA Package, as opposed to the 10 Business Days before. (That will allow transactions to close a lot quicker, since many HOAs wait to send out the Resale Packages until the very last day)
A calendar with the word 'due' on the 15th
They take their time sending it, but want their payments the DAY OF!
  • Higher Education Facilities must waive tuition for Purple Heart recipients. (What an awesome way to thank those who served our nation!)


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